Call for Expression of Interest to join the Cheam Enterprises Inc. (CEI) Board of Directors


In December 2022, the CEI Board of Directors will be looking to fill one Director’s position on our Board.

CEI is currently seeking Expressions of Interest to fill the following positions:
• one (1) Independent Director Position (Not members of Chief and Council or Cheam First Nation / Cheam Enterprises Inc. employees)

CEI’s purpose is to develop active and profitable businesses, both inside and outside of Cheam’s territory, while also supporting Cheam’s entrepreneurs and the Nation’s broader goals and aspirations.
CEI’s mandate is to be an economic development engine for Cheam that is appropriately independent, administratively self-sufficient, and suitably connected to Cheam.

Cheam Enterprises Inc. pursues and implements economic opportunities that:
• are profitable and provide economic returns to Cheam;
• are consistent with Cheam’s values and vision;
• provide training and employment opportunities of all types for members, including in professions, trades, management, governance and business;
• provide industry diversity;
• encourage business innovation;
• support the development of member-owned businesses and entrepreneurship.

These priorities drive all of Cheam Enterprises Inc.’s plans, budgets, and business decisions.
If you are interested in joining the CEI Board of Directors, please email your Letter of Interest and resume to and if you would like to learn more about Cheam Enterprises Inc., feel free to contact the CEO, Sam Minde at 780-312-6124. Please note that all Letters of Interest and resumes be received by December 7, 2022.

Feel free to download a copy of this notice here.

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