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After collaborating on several projects, Cheam Enterprises Inc and Ecora Engineering & Resources Group, agreed mutually with great anticipation, to enter into a joint venture to create a company that allows for cultural aspects to help guide industry and stakeholders to a sustainable future. Ayelstexw was named by one of the elders of Cheam First Nation to reflect our combined goal meaning sustainability. The company is located in Rosedale, in the Fraser Valley of BC which forms part of Cheam First Nation’s traditional territory.

First Nations Involvement
Ayelstexw is committed to involving the communities that they represent in all aspects of the projects. From project initiation meetings to on-going community member involvement, Ayelstexw ensures cultural information is and community concerns are brought forward and represented in all project planning.

First Nation Environment
Ayelstexw brings together First Nations generational teachings with modern day technical expertise to ensure that the product is a deliverable with impressive results that will exceed expectations. With our combination of services and our energetic approach to business enables our specialized teams to find integrated and innovative solutions across diverse sectors.

First Nation Economy
Ayelstexw values the knowledge and teachings of the First Nations and the cultural benefits from their teachings. We encourage First Nation involvement to collaborate with our technical advisors and to build capacity within their own communities.

Our Services
Ayelstexw provides quality environmental consulting service for a wide range of industries and stakeholders. Our Services include but are not limited to:

Contact Carrie-Lynn Victor, Manager, Cheam Ayelstexw Group LP at:

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