Cheam Industrial Lands Reclamation Project

After years of environmental assessments and pre-project geotechnical and feasibility studies, Cheam Enterprises Inc. and Copper Raven Capital have assumed responsibility of the Cheam Industrial Lands to rehabilitate and reclaim them for economic use and Community green space.

This land reclamation is the first stage of a multi-year project that will see the area transitioned into sustainable land development opportunities for our Nation, mixed with green and recreational space for the Community to enjoy.

Cheam Industrial Lands Reclamation Project

The Cheam Industrial Lands Reclamation project will be entirely managed by Cheam Enterprises Inc. (CEI). With this oversight, we will ensure that all aspects of the project are done according to the highest environmental standards and in conjunction with our traditional Cheam values.

The lands beneath the BC Hydro Transmission Right of Way (“ROW”) have been heavily mined and are currently unusable. The first step in this project will be to fill the area beneath the BC Hydro ROW with non-hazardous construction waste and soils which will then be completely capped when required elevations are reached to complete the reclamation requirements. This step is essential and is the most efficient way to fill the gravel cells and reach the final goal of usable commercial development space and a clean, welcoming trail system. CEI and its team of qualified professionals will ensure all phases of operations adhere to Cheam Land Code Laws, permitting requirements and environmental regulations to provide the safety and security of both the Community and our traditional lands.

During the time that the gravel cells are being filled, revenues generated from the reclamation project will support the immediate financial needs of Cheam First Nation and will provide a solid foundation for continued economic success into the future.

Once the land is fully reclaimed, a light industrial park will be developed on the edge of the reclaimed cells to provide the Nation with reoccurring revenue and economic longevity. A trail system and public green space will also be created for the Community to enjoy for years to come.

The project ultimately transforms these lands into a beautiful new Community space and Cheam-owned economic development zone, ensuring future prosperity.

CEI is committed to ensuring that Cheam members are informed of the opportunities this project brings and apprised of the various stages of development. CEI is hosting two virtual town halls in the coming weeks to allow Community members the opportunity to learn more about the project, ask questions, and discuss the plans for the space. These virtual town hall sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, August 11th at 5:30 pm and Saturday, August 14th at 10 am.

You can register for a virtual town hall, and submit your questions to the project team below.

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Virtual Town Halls

CEI will be hosting two members-only Virtual Town Halls for those interested in learning more about the Cheam Industrial Lands Reclamation Project.

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Cheam Industrial Lands Reclamation Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve included frequently asked questions and an example of the future site end-use. We invite you to call or email us if you need more information.

Once the site has been remediated, it will be a mix of light industrial space and green
space with a trail system for our members and community to use. The light industrial space
will provide economic benefits to our community long-term, and the green space will be
designed to provide our community with leisure and recreation space for future generations
to enjoy.

Yes! The Gravel Fill Cell Reclamation Project is being held to the highest environmental standards. Since CEI has oversight of this project from the very beginning we can ensure every step is safe not only for our community today, but also for future generations.

This work includes:

  • A robust environmental assessment.
  • Installing a state-of-the-art liner system that creates a barrier system between the environment and materials that will fill the cells.
  • Creating a Materials Acceptance Plan that limits the types of materials that will be used to fill the cells to those that will not create harmful decomposition.
    – Clean shredded C&D material only
    – Remediated and clean soils
  • Sustained environmental monitoring throughout the lifespan of the project.

The Gravel Fill Cell Reclamation Project is not a landfill. The first step to creating green, usable recreation and future development space is to fill the current gravel cells with nonhazardous construction waste. The cells will first be lined with state-of-the-art liners that create a solid barrier between the construction materials and the environment and once filled they will be capped and ready to be turned into green spaces and development land.
Filling the gravel cells with non-hazardous materials is the fastest way to reach the ultimate goal of reclaiming this land for community use. While the gravel cells are being filled, they will also be generating revenue for Cheam, which will be reinvested in priority projects for our Nation.

Cheam personnel and equipment will be utilized where possible to support the construction effort. Outside of general labour, this can include excavators, compacting equipment, and even dozers and their respective operators. Also directly associated with the construction, our construction management partner could also develop an equipment operating training program to further boost Cheam First Nations’ skills and capacities.
Should there be interest outside of the physical construction, there will be options for training with respect to surveying, quality inspections, contract administration, scheduling and project management. Our construction management partner is more than willing to work with Cheam to facilitate and promote this kind of engagement.

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